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Welcome to Wesley Chapel

We are a Bible-Based, Christ-Centered, Community-Involved,Family-Oriented, and Holy Spirit-Led Ministry that is on a Move for God. Join us as we grow the kingdom of God though faith.

Our Mission

Making God Real to People


Community Involvement is a big focus of our church. Here are some ways our church works with the community to share the love of Jesus and bring others closer to Christ

Meet Our Leaders

Pastor Charles E. McCorkle

Pastor Charles E. McCorkle is the visionary leader of the Wesley Chapel Holiness Church. Pastor McCorkle’s leadership skills did not come without preparation. In 1988 he was ordained to the gospel ministry. He has served as Associate Minister, Youth Pastor Men’s Ministry and Ministers Ministry among other ministry roles. However, this training would only be supplemented by the things that the Spirit of God would later manifest in his life.

These ministry opportunities offered Pastor the chance to impact the lives of many as well as the unique opportunity to lead other ministers. Pastor McCorkle firmly believes that he has been anointed and appointed for such a time as this. His ministry objective is clear: to teach and preach the Kingdom to all people that they may know Jesus as Lord and personal Savior. Pastor McCorkle is blessed to have the full support of his lovely wife Angie McCorkle of over thirty years in marriage and his two daughters Orita and Whitney.

First Lady Angie D. McCorkle

Prophetess Angie D. McCorkle is the Leading Lady of Wesley Chapel Holiness Church where her husband of over thirty years Pastor Charles E. McCorkle serves as Senior Pastor. Lady McCorkle accepted Jesus Christ at the age of 16 and decided to begin preparing herself for the work of the ministry.

As Lady McCorkle grew in the grace of God, she began to hear the voice of God calling her into the ministry. She was ordained as a minister of the gospel and called as a Prophetess to prepare the way of the Lord. She is not one who believes in the importance of titles, but in the importance of the anointing that God has placed on the titleholder. Her greatest joys in preaching and teaching come when one soul is set free to walk in the abundant life of Jesus Christ. In addition to being a minister, prophetess, psalmist, champion for the cause of Christ advocate for education, and wife, she is also a loving mother to her two daughters Orita and Whitney.